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Essentials of Emergency Medicine 2021

Made for people like you, in a time like this.

We promise you the best EM event of 2021.

May 25-27, 2021

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Two Ways to Experience the Same Great Event

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Focused on you, wherever you are. So compelling, it will keep you watching.

  • Attention to every detail: multi-time zone friendly, optimized session lengths and breaks, hosted content between sessions, and more
  • A team dedicated to your livestream experience: real-time faculty interaction, clinical and technical staff online at all times, and hosted breaks and transitions
  • A new event platform: intuitive and easy to use, guides you through the schedule, and facilitates connections to your colleagues
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Recharge and reconnect with your EM community in-person in Las Vegas.

  • An exclusive behind-the-scenes experience: think of it as a backstage pass to EM's most beloved show
  • The perks of real life: enjoy all of the things that an actual gathering of your friends and colleagues can bring
  • Finally, social events: socializing and networking designed to operate safely in whatever environment we find ourselves in May

However you decide to attend, you’ll experience what EEM is famous for:

  • Medical education that will change your practice and your life leaving you rejuvenated and ready for your next shift (15+ hours of Cat 1 CME)
  • EEM’s signature 5 to 15 minute high impact lectures from the best world-renowned faculty
  • An experience carefully curated, literally to the minute, like no other
  • That spirit of camaraderie and inspiration that comes with a reconnection to your EM community
  • A reminder of why you do what you do and that feeling of magic that has made Essentials the event of the year for over 18 years.
Founder and CEO of Hippo Education, Aaron Bright MD

Message from our CEO

So, how was your year? I am so proud of what the people of emergency medicine have done in the last year. The Hippo/Essentials team has been on the front lines, too. We have felt all of the emotions: burned out, isolated, and misunderstood, but also deep purpose, pride, and respect for our colleagues.

Essentials is not to be missed this year. Now, more than ever, we need to reconnect with our community - those who understand who we are and why we do this.

We designed every minute of EEM 2021 with you and this year in mind. Whether you join from home or in-person, we have dedicated ourselves to manifesting our mission at Essentials. That mission is to empower you to learn, grow, and thrive.

Thank you for your service, and please join us so we can take a few days out of our schedules to honor and celebrate the work that you do so well!

We cannot wait to see you.

- Aaron Bright MD, Emergency Medicine

CEO/Founder of Hippo Education

Working my first shift since the EEM conference… The physician that I relieved asked me what I will do differently after attending the conference. My answer was that in addition to several pearls of practice that I will use, I will fall in love with my specialty all over again!

– Duane Harrison

Loved the conference in the past, unable to make it live, wanted info from the best and the brightest in a fantastic format. You never disappoint!

– EEM Virtual Attendee

In the digital package, you were wonderfully responsive to our questions!

– EEM Virtual Attendee

Thanks for the great learning and inspiration. Looking forward to another great conference next year.

– Tandi Wilkinson

Thank you Essentials for all that you do. It is hard to explain to your friends what an amazing, entertaining AND educational conference that you put on. I leave in awe once again and look forward to my next shift with a renewed vigor!

– Carroll Olson

Short format, inspiring and excellent engaging speakers, enjoyed the interval performances, videos, chats. The production value of this conference is unlike any other I have attended previously! Well done team!

– EEM Live Attendee

Fantastic design to learning experience, love the use of adult learning theories on schedule design

– EEM Live Attendee

I have been to every Essentials, and each and every year you continue to exceed expectations. Thank you for your hard work, insight, and commitment to this amazing speciality, EMERGENCY MEDICINE. You make a difference.

– Jeffrey Litow

Should have been here years ago!! Good stuff and good fun!! Till next year.

– Jan Jaap Bijlsma

Seriously, I felt inspired again about being an EM doc

– EEM Live Attendee

My brain feels like it had a deep tissue massage on it.

– Carolyn Rosenczweig

Learn from the most inspiring educators in the world

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Amal Mattu
Arun Sayal
Brittney DeClerck
Bryan Hayes
Cameron Berg
Emily Rose
George Willis
Dr. Glaucomflecken
Haney Mallemat
Ilene Claudius
Jaime Hope
Jenny Beck-Esmay
Matthew Delaney
Mike Weinstock
Mizuho Morrison
Nathan Kuppermann
Richard Cantor
Rob Orman
Reuben Strayer
Salim Rezaie
Sara Gray
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Tarlan Hedayati