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14th Annual Conference

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Wondering how #hollywoodweingart became the EM world’s top-trending Twitter hashtag? Or all the buzz about some new EM rapper, @TheEMCMD, who’s said to be the next @ZDoggMD? Or how Billy Mallon had us peeing in our pants with his take on sex, drugs, and alcohol in Vegas? Seriously, that’s just the tip of the iceberg of all the memorable moments that cemented Essentials 2015’s legendary status as the best EM conference in history. Think we’re joking? Just watch our epic opener for a taste of what you’ll get.

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In fact, the digital package is now the only place where you can watch Mel close the conference with a jaw-dropping, live podcast production worthy of the standing ovation it received.

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  • 13 minutesWelcomeMel Herbert, MD and Paul Jhun, MD
  • 14 minutesCatching STEMIs before they happenAmal Mattu, MD
  • 5 minutesHopping tenderness - seriously?Ilene Claudius, MD
  • 10 minutesYou dirty dirty person: STI updatesGreg Moran, MD
  • 8 minutesIntractable hiccups: management and algorithmJan Shoenberger, MD
  • 10 minutesSTEMI equivalents: you gotta know this!Amal Mattu, MD
  • 10 minutesNo not that AED: antiepileptic pearls and pitfallsSean Patrick Nordt, MD, PharmD
  • 7 minutesIt's been 5 days of fever in this nontoxic kid, what am I missing?Solomon Behar, MD
  • 10 minutesEKG fails: don't make the same mistake!Amal Mattu, MD
  • 26 minutesWhat do you do - Oxygen, Low Risk Chest Pain, HEART, Troponin LeaksJeff Tabas, MD, Stuart Swadron, MD, and Amal Mattu, MD
  • 14 minutesWhat do you do - Stress Tests, Cardiac CTA, SVTJeff Tabas, MD, Stuart Swadron, MD, and Amal Mattu, MD
  • 16 minutesWhat do you do - BER, Afib, BNP, Best EKG CaseJeff Tabas, MD, Stuart Swadron, MD, and Amal Mattu, MD
  • 14 minutesAl’s bag of tricksAlfred Sacchetti, MD FACEP
  • 10 minutesBut he had a negative stress test!Jeff Tabas, MD
  • 6 minutesHow to be a master of the pediatric lumbar punctureSolomon Behar, MD
  • 11 minutesKeeping up with the CDC and IDSA!Greg Moran, MD
  • 6 minutesBut he had a recent negative cath!Jeff Tabas, MD
  • 7 minutesPediatric Chest X-raysIlene Claudius, MD
  • 13 minutesRetrograde intubation and jet ventilation - doing it with styleAlfred Sacchetti, MD FACEP
  • 7 minutesPapilledema: let's be honest...what am I looking for?Jan Shoenberger, MD
  • 6 minutesPediatric overuse injuries - it's not all fractures!Solomon Behar, MD
  • 11 minutesSometimes, it's all about the urine!Greg Moran, MD
  • 6 minutesFascicular blocks: what does it look like and what does it mean?Jeff Tabas, MD
  • 9 minutesHot and humid breathing in the EDAlfred Sacchetti, MD FACEP
  • 9 minutesWhat's hiding in that throat: do I need to gag this kid?Ilene Claudius, MD
  • 7 minutesNerve blocks for headaches: When and how?Alfred Sacchetti, MD FACEP
  • 18 minutesWhat just happened?Rob Orman, MD
  • 21 minutesS%!$ that happens in Vegas and how to deal with itWilliam “Billy” Mallon, MD
  • 10 minutesThe things parents say...and what to say backSolomon Behar, MD
  • 7 minutesThe secret to happinessJeff Tabas, MD
  • 9 minutesClinical paralysis from evidence based medicineAlfred Sacchetti, MD FACEP
  • 9 minutesWhy you should wash your handsGreg Moran, MD
  • 19 minutesSome more s%!$ that happens in Vegas and how to deal with itWilliam “Billy” Mallon, MD
  • 27 minutesKeynote: The Good, The Bad, and The UglyCorey M. Slovis, MD
  • 13 minutesPediatric FAILS - from parents to doctorsRichard Cantor, MD
  • 8 minutesFlex/ex series: is it dead?Greg Hendey, MD
  • 5 minutesDoes haloperidol cause seizures?Sean Patrick Nordt, MD, PharmD
  • 8 minutesA new perspective on dizzinessStuart Swadron, MD
  • 15 minutesDid you see that? MSK radiology failsGreg Hendey, MD
  • 15 minutesSimple fixes for your ED (no, not erectile dysfunction)Corey M. Slovis, MD
  • 11 minutesIs versed and fentanyl dead?Sanjay Arora, MD
  • 10 minutesWound repair pearls/pitfallsGreg Hendey, MD
  • 8 minutesOld people and chronic aspirin toxicitySean Patrick Nordt, MD, PharmD
  • 10 minutesWhat would Richie do?Richard Cantor, MD
  • 10 minutesWhy is this not going in? Common reduction fails and solutionsGreg Hendey, MD
  • 8 minutesEMC RAP: Pulmonary EmbolismChris Hahn, MD
  • 17 minutesThis isn’t a freakin manicure! Laying the nail to restWilliam “Billy” Mallon, MD
  • 7 minutesScrubbed: The peds episodeIlene Claudius, MD
  • 7 minutesHyperglycemia: it’s just a numberSanjay Arora, MD
  • 10 minutesAND 1: xray views to help you make the diagnosisWilliam “Billy” Mallon, MD
  • 13 minutesUpdates on anticoagulants and reversal agentsSanjay Arora, MD
  • 16 minutesWhen enough is enough: definitions of an “adequate” reductionWilliam “Billy” Mallon, MD
  • 11 minutesProcedural sedation meds in pregnancySean Patrick Nordt, MD, PharmD
  • 15 minutesPalliative care in the ED: how to do it rightJan Shoenberger, MD
  • 11 minutesKnowing _____ can change your life!Richard Cantor, MD
  • 4 minutesDo we need to give a dose of antibiotics for chest tubes?Sean Patrick Nordt, MD, PharmD
  • 10 minutesRongeuring fingertips: when, if ever, and how?William “Billy” Mallon, MD
  • 16 minutesWhat just happened?Rob Orman, MD
  • 14 minutesSaying nothing while doing everythingRichard Cantor, MD
  • 13 minutesLessons learned while putting people to sleepSanjay Arora, MD
  • 7 minutesHow to manipulate your consultants to do what you want, even when they’re a jerkCorey M. Slovis, MD
  • 8 minutesYou may want to think twice about these meds!Sean Patrick Nordt, MD, PharmD
  • 10 minutesArticles you’ll never hear aboutSanjay Arora, MD
  • 13 minutesDealing with life challenges - lessons learned as a program directorJan Shoenberger, MD
  • 12 minutesHow to spot a fakeAnand Swaminathan, MD, MPH
  • 23 minutesKeynote:The Power of WordsVictoria Brazil, MD
  • 7 minutesCT contrast through an IO? Can it be done?Haney Mallemat, MD
  • 7 minutesPacemakers 101: the basicsJoe Bellezzo, MD
  • 10 minutesThe art of hemodynamic dosing of epinephrineScott Weingart, MD
  • 11 minutesOVERDRIVE: Speeding up to slow it downJoe Bellezzo, MD
  • 9 minutesThe new PEA Algorithm - a case studyAnand Swaminathan, MD, MPH
  • 10 minutesTips for running the resuscitationZack Shinar, MD
  • 10 minutesHigh pulmonary pressures and intubation: what’s the deal?Haney Mallemat, MD
  • 14 minutesPeripheral vasopressors: what you need to knowScott Weingart, MD
  • 5 minutesTongue lacerations: tips and tricksHaney Mallemat, MD
  • 10 minutesThe Tools of Ignorance: New gadgets for the resuscitationistJoe Bellezzo, MD
  • 10 minutesDiagphramatic injuries - pearls and pitfallsKenji Inaba, MD
  • 11 minutesEndovascular resuscitation - say what?!Zack Shinar, MD
  • 6 minutesDeep brachial vein cannulation: Pearls and pitfallsAnand Swaminathan, MD, MPH
  • 11 minutesDSI do’s and don’tsScott Weingart, MD
  • 8 minutesThe different flavors of blood productsHaney Mallemat, MD
  • 14 minutesLacerated forearm artery: why not just clamp it with a hemostat?Kenji Inaba, MD
  • 6 minutesElderly on blood thinners and minor blunt head trauma: how early can you repeat the CT?Anand Swaminathan, MD, MPH
  • 5 minutesPenetrating wounds - does probing really help?Kenji Inaba, MD
  • 8 minutesMinor abdominal trauma in the first trimester pregnant: what’s your management algorithm?Haney Mallemat, MD
  • 12 minutesWound vac complications we can fix in the ERKenji Inaba, MD
  • 10 minutesUgh, my central line isn’t perfect - can I still use it?Scott Weingart, MD
  • 9 minutesHe just got clotheslined in the neck - is a CT enough?Kenji Inaba, MD
  • 19 minutesThe "O" Show - Peripheral Pressors, High-flow Nasal Cannula, Apneic OxygenationScott Weingart, MD and Rob Orman, MD
  • 12 minutesThe “O” Show - FAST as a Decision Tool for Thoracotomy
  • 28 minutesThe “O” Show - Seatbelt Signs, IV Fluids, C-spine Clearance, CXRsKenji Inaba, MD and Rob Orman, MD
  • 13 minutesSimulation for every man, woman, and childVictoria Brazil, MD
  • 12 minutesChanging the paradigm of resuscitation - empowering nursesZack Shinar, MD
  • 11 minutesThe future of EM and technologyHaney Mallemat, MD
  • 15 minutesThis Emergency Life!Mel Herbert, MD
  • 2015 Essentials Bonus - EEM LA I, II, III

  • 11 minutesTop 3 naloxone failsSean Patrick Nordt, MD, PharmD
  • 8 minutesAAP's new guidelines on acute bronchiolitis managementEmily Carpenter Rose, MD
  • 6 minutesDon't fall through the cracks: improving patient hand-offsErick Eiting, MD
  • 7 minutes3 things in Peds EM that people do, that don't make any senseEmily Carpenter Rose, MD
  • 10 minutesLibrium to-go: is this a good idea?Sean Patrick Nordt, MD, PharmD
  • 12 minutesHow doctors are like mechanics: Improving the patient experienceErick Eiting, MD
  • 15 minutesWhat's prolonged QT to you and what do you do about it?Sean Patrick Nordt, MD, PharmD
  • 8 minutesThe MOC: A 5 minute assessmentErick Eiting, MD
  • 10 minutesYou want to give what?! Things to tell mom/dadEmily Carpenter Rose, MD
  • 28 minutesETI Part 1Sanjay Arora, MD, Stuart Swadron, MD, and Mina Masri, MD
  • 21 minutesEIT Part 2Sanjay Arora, MD, Stuart Swadron, MD, and Mina Masri, MD
  • 9 minutesLet me help you with that helmetJess Osterman, MD
  • 10 minutesMinor Transfers and Setting Patients (and Yourself) up for SuccessKenny Banh, MD
  • 18 minutesSo you're prescribing topical steroids...Brittney DeClerck, MD
  • 14 minutesTransvenous pacemakers tricks of the tradeKenny Banh, MD
  • 10 minutesGetting arrested isn't easy - trust me, I work at countyJess Osterman, MD
  • 18 minutesPneumonia Update 2015: An Old Man's Friend Has Some New TricksMatt Waxman, MD
  • 23 minutesWaxing philosophic on scabies and bed bugsBrittney DeClerck, MD
  • 16 minutesMore than one way to skin tachycardia!Kenny Banh, MD
  • 15 minutesOh come on! Acne, really?Brittney DeClerck, MD
  • 16 minutesHead and Neck: Tricks of the Trade for Sore Throats and worse...Matt Waxman, MD
  • 23 minutesWorrisome skin findings in the immunocompromisedBrittney DeClerck, MD
  • 10 minutesWhy do patients sue?Michael B. Weinstock, MD
  • 15 minutesCalf DVTs...what the heck?Rob Orman, MD
  • 10 minutesI scream, you scream, we all scream for AMAs!Michael B. Weinstock, MD
  • 32 minutesFinally getting some answers about pulmonary TB!Rob Orman, MD
  • 6 minutesEEM LA III: Musical Interlude PT.1Ceci Herbert and David Herbert
  • 12 minutesThe low risk chest pain patient: new insightsMichael B. Weinstock, MD
  • 16 minutesLow risk chest pain: let's break it downThe “O” Show - Rob Orman interviews Mike Weinstock, MD
  • 3 minutesEEM LA III: Musical InterludeCeci Herbert and David Herbert
  • 34 minutesNeedlestick - what am I supposed to do?Rob Orman, MD
  • 16 minutesEEM LA III - Q&AMichael B. Weinstock, MD and Rob Orman, MD
  • 4 minutesEEM LA III: Musical Interlude Pt. 2Ceci Herbert and David Herbert
  • 2015 Essentials Bonus - Part 2

  • 28 minutesWays smartphones will change healthcare deliveryPeter Viccellio, MD
  • 17 minutesHIV in the Emergency DepartmentMatt Waxman, MD
  • 20 minutesUpper GI Bleed UpdateStuart Swadron, MD
  • 3 minutesSVT Tips and TricksMel Herbert, MD
  • 19 minutesMalariaMatt Waxman, MD
  • 21 minutesBrain Bleeds - Stroke UpdateStuart Swadron, MD
  • 32 minutesEbola and Emergent Viral InfectionsMatt Waxman, MD
  • ENLSStuart Swadron, MD
  • 17 minutesEMS Experience in AustrailiaMark Newcombe, MD
  • 12 minutesMandibular DislocationJoseph R. Lex, MD, FACEP, MAAEM
  • 11 minutesTrauma in Hemophilia PatientsJan Shoenberger, MD
  • 18 minutesED ThoracotomyKenji Inaba, MD
  • 20 minutesFingertip ComplicationsWilliam “Billy” Mallon, MD
  • 12 minutesNew Critical LiteratureHaney Mallemat, MD
  • 9 minutesThrombolysis for STEMI- STK or TPAMel Herbert, MD
  • 16 minutesHead and Neck InfectionsMatt Waxman, MD
  • 22 minutesPneumonia Update 2015: An Old Man's Friend Has Some New TricksMatt Waxman, MD
  • 13 minutesHow to Master PowerpointHaney Mallemat, MD
  • 31 minutesHow to be a Good SpeakerJoseph R. Lex, MD, FACEP, MAAEM
  • 18 minutesEducation 2.0Mel Herbert, MD
  • 34 minutesDeveloping a Career in MedicineWilliam “Billy” Mallon, MD
  • 18 minutesVolume Responsive ResuscitationHaney Mallemat, MD
  • 14 minutesNew New Cardiac Arrest ManagementScott Weingart, MD

Meet Your EEM Faculty

  • Solomon Behar, MD

    Solomon Behar, MD

    Voluntary faculty at UC Irvine Department of Pediatrics and Attending Physician at Long Beach Memorial/Miller Childrens Hospital and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

  • Richard Cantor, MD

    Richard Cantor, MD

    Professor of Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics at Upstate Medical University, Director of Pediatric Emergency Services at Golisano Children’s Hospital, and Medical Director for the Central New York Poison Control Center

  • Ilene Claudius, MD

    Ilene Claudius, MD

    Associate Professor, Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

  • Haney Mallemat, MD

    Haney Mallemat, MD

    Associate Professor of Emergency and Internal Medicine Cooper Medical School of Rowan University

  • Amal Mattu, MD

    Amal Mattu, MD

    Professor, Vice Chair, of Emergency Medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine

What people are saying about EEM

  • Duane Harrison
  • Carolyn Rosenczweig
  • Jan Jaap Bijlsma
  • Carroll Olson
  • Jeffrey Litow
  • Tandi Wilkinson
Working my first shift since the EEM conference, and I just reviewed Mel’s Corporate, Personal, and Bedside reasons for “Why we do EM”! The physician that I relieved asked me what I will do differently after attending the conference. My answer was that in addition to several pearls of practice that I will use, I will fall in love with my specialty all over again! Thanks Mel, and thanks to the entire EEM Staff. You guys are true Rock Stars!

- Duane Harrison

My brain feels like it had a deep tissue massage on it.

- Carolyn Rosenczweig

Should have been here years ago!!
Good stuff and good fun!!
Till next year.

- Jan Jaap Bijlsma

Thank you Essentials for all that you do. It is hard to explain to your friends what an amazing, entertaining AND educational conference that you put on. I leave in awe once again and look forward to my next shift with a renewed vigor!

- Carroll Olson

I have been to every Essentials, and each and every year you continue to exceed expectations. Thank you for your hard work, insight, and commitment to this amazing speciality, EMERGENCY MEDICINE. You make a difference.

- Jeffrey Litow

Hi and bye EEM. Thanks for the great learning and inspiration. Looking forward to another great conference next year - so GLAD that Essentials is not dead. Heading back to the deep freeze in Arctic Canada tomorrow.

- Tandi Wilkinson

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A percentage of our profit and all exhibitor fees go to a variety of important charities worldwide. Your continued support of EEM has enabled us to donate over $300,000 since 2002.

Past beneficiaries include:

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  • School on Wheels
  • World Vision

Hippo Education is accredited by the Accreditation Council of Continuing Medical Education to provide continuing medical education for physicians.

Hippo Education designates this live activity for a maximum of 22.0 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™. Physicians should only claim credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity.

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Bonus CME: EEM LA sessions and Conceptos 2015

Over 20 hours of additional CME with an internationally acclaimed faculty.

A valuable addition to your conference registration: The 2015 Bonus CME is three sessions recorded with a live audience in the Hippo Education studios with the goal to:

  • To promote the Essentials educational model
  • To discover and develop the next generation of EM educators
  • To explore and experiment new ways to deliver education
  • To have fun learning

Also Includes 15 hours of lectures from Conceptos 2015, a non-profit conference with a mission to provide quality education & training to ED physicians in Spanish speaking countries. EEM and Hippo Education supports Conceptos as part of our ongoing international outreach efforts.