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Hilarious faculty gameshows, engaging commentary from our “Live from EEM” talkshow, in-depth discussions with the faculty, and the return of ZDoggMD are just a small part of why attendees overwhelmingly made the 15th anniversary edition our highest rated show ever.

Get inspired and rejuvenate your passion for emergency medicine all while enjoying, well, simply the best darn EM education in the world.

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19 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits


  • 34 minutesOpening Madness & Keynote: Why What We Do MattersDave Schriger, MD
  • 11 minutesSick kids in the community: things to do before you transfer!Richard Cantor, MD
  • 9 minutesWhat chest pain patients don't need a stress test?Corey M. Slovis, MD
  • 5 minutesWhat does a normal neuro exam mean in an infant/child?Ilene Claudius, MD
  • 12 minutesTricks of the tradeMichelle Lin, MD
  • 17 minutesDealing with drug seekersWilliam “Billy” Mallon, MD
  • 11 minutesLive From EEM - Day 1 MorningJan Shoenberger, MD and Aaron Bright, MD
  • 11 minutesWhat else is in Al's bag of tricks?Alfred Sacchetti, MD FACEP
  • 5 minutesWhen a "low risk" HEART score is high riskCorey M. Slovis, MD
  • 8 minutesDo I ever need a chest CT on a child following trauma?Ilene Claudius, MD
  • 10 minutesThese papers changed my practice!Richard Cantor, MD
  • 10 minutesA-fib management for the not-so-faint of heartAlfred Sacchetti, MD FACEP
  • 6 minutesKids and batteriesIlene Claudius, MD
  • 5 minutesCalling a cardiac arrest over the radioCorey M. Slovis, MD
  • 17 minutesDrunken M&MWilliam “Billy” Mallon, MD
  • 20 minutesWhat Just Happened and Q&ACorey M. Slovis, MD, William “Billy” Mallon, MD, Alfred Sacchetti, MD FACEP, Rob Orman, MD, and Richard Cantor, MD
  • 16 minutesFever in the Unvaccinated ChildAlfred Sacchetti, MD FACEP
  • 5 minutesMUDPILES 2016 update!Corey M. Slovis, MD
  • 15 minutesWhat would Richie do?Richard Cantor, MD
  • 8 minutesMore tricks of the trade!Michelle Lin, MD
  • 10 minutesTop 5 chest pain history mistakesCorey M. Slovis, MD
  • 5 minutesBad baby bellies!Richard Cantor, MD
  • 13 minutesMy love affair with magnesiumWilliam “Billy” Mallon, MD
  • 16 minutesLive From EEM - Day 1 AfternoonMichelle Lin, MD, Alfred Sacchetti, MD FACEP, and Anand Swaminathan, MD, MPH
  • 10 minutesTop 5 ECG pearlsCorey M. Slovis, MD
  • 5 minutesKetamine in status epilepticusAlfred Sacchetti, MD FACEP
  • 8 minutesWhen do I need to do a rectal exam on a child?Ilene Claudius, MD
  • 11 minutesNavigating the death of a child in the EDRichard Cantor, MD
  • 6 minutesTwitter topic: Totally non-evidence based practicesAlfred Sacchetti, MD FACEP
  • 9 minutesEven more tricks of the trade!Michelle Lin, MD
  • 16 minutesDealing with personality disordersWilliam “Billy” Mallon, MD
  • 23 minutesWhat just happened and Q&AMichelle Lin, MD, Alfred Sacchetti, MD FACEP, Ilene Claudius, MD, Rob Orman, MD, and Richard Cantor, MD
  • 12 minutesKeynote: How you do it mattersRob Orman, MD
  • 10 minutesExtubation in the ED?!Scott Weingart, MD
  • 5 minutesVisual dirty bitsHaney Mallemat, MD
  • 10 minutesDangerous medication mistakesBryan D. Hayes, PharmD, DABAT, FAACT
  • 7 minutesOh F(*&k!, his jaw's wired shut!Anand Swaminathan, MD, MPH
  • 8 minutesKiller drug interactions in Emergency MedicineZlatan Coralic, PharmD, BCPS
  • 12 minutesWhat the heck is going on with this pacemaker/ICD!?Tarlan Hedayati, MD
  • 6 minutesdDAVP: you gotta know this!Scott Weingart, MD
  • 20 minutesLive From EEM - Day 2 MorningJan Shoenberger, MD and Aaron Bright, MD
  • 9 minutesYou did what with the ultrasound probe?Haney Mallemat, MD
  • 6 minutesThe osmol gapScott Weingart, MD
  • 7 minutesHow to deal with a partially loaded phenytoin patientBryan D. Hayes, PharmD, DABAT, FAACT
  • 7 minutesA-lines: why you should have them around!Anand Swaminathan, MD, MPH
  • 10 minutesHow price gouging is affecting EMZlatan Coralic, PharmD, BCPS
  • 5 minutesEnd-tidal CO2… beyond the numbers (waveform analysis)Haney Mallemat, MD
  • 13 minutesMr. NOAC, make it stop bleeding!Tarlan Hedayati, MD
  • 20 minutesWhat just happened and Q&ATarlan Hedayati, MD, Scott Weingart, MD, Rob Orman, MD, Bryan D. Hayes, PharmD, DABAT, FAACT, and Zlatan Coralic, PharmD, BCPS
  • 11 minutesHow to run a code with ultrasoundHaney Mallemat, MD
  • 8 minutesAck! Postpartum hemorrhage: make it easy for me!Anand Swaminathan, MD, MPH
  • 7 minutesMore fun off-label uses of TXA!Tarlan Hedayati, MD
  • 5 minutesForget about your migraine with milk of amnesiaZlatan Coralic, PharmD, BCPS
  • 12 minutesPost-intubation sedation: this is how you do it!Scott Weingart, MD
  • 9 minutesWhat can I prescribe based off of this MIC stuff on the culture?Bryan D. Hayes, PharmD, DABAT, FAACT
  • 10 minutesStop comparing me to a pilot!Anand Swaminathan, MD, MPH
  • 9 minutesWhat just happened and Q&A - Day 2 AfternoonScott Weingart, MD, Rob Orman, MD, Anand Swaminathan, MD, MPH, and Haney Mallemat, MD
  • 15 minutesLive From EEM - Day 2 AfternoonTarlan Hedayati, MD, Anand Swaminathan, MD, MPH, and Haney Mallemat, MD
  • 9 minutesTwitter topic: Critical care procedures: Tips and tricksHaney Mallemat, MD
  • 9 minutesThe dangers of clonidine and IV hydralazine in the EDBryan D. Hayes, PharmD, DABAT, FAACT
  • 11 minutesWhat's in my pocket?Anand Swaminathan, MD, MPH
  • 10 minutesDrugs in resus: watch out for some of this stuff!Zlatan Coralic, PharmD, BCPS
  • 11 minutesEven more clean killsScott Weingart, MD
  • 30 minutesThe O Show - interview with the online starsScott Weingart, MD, Rob Orman, MD, and ZDoggMD
  • 32 minutesKEYNOTE: On the evolution of a revolution: 50 Years of medicine for the peopleJoseph R. Lex, MD, FACEP, MAAEM
  • 14 minutesThe mangled extremity, oh you know what I mean!Kenji Inaba, MD
  • 6 minutesWhat did you put in that vape?Sean Patrick Nordt, MD, PharmD
  • 11 minutesAssessing capacity in the "iffy" patientJan Shoenberger, MD
  • 8 minutesThis febrile infant looks good, should I get the cath UA?Solomon Behar, MD
  • 6 minutesWhat's new with acetaminophen poisoning?Sean Patrick Nordt, MD, PharmD
  • 14 minutesDiagnosing dyingAshley Shreves, MD
  • 14 minutesLive From EEM - Day 3 MorningJan Shoenberger, MD and Aaron Bright, MD
  • 6 minutesHow to put that G-tube back in!Solomon Behar, MD
  • 15 minutesEnd of life symptom managementAshley Shreves, MD
  • 7 minutesMarijuana isn't the only green thing you should know!Sean Patrick Nordt, MD, PharmD
  • 14 minutesSuture vs staplesKenji Inaba, MD
  • 5 minutesAh the urine drug screen...Sean Patrick Nordt, MD, PharmD
  • 10 minutesFrom the bounceback filesMichael B. Weinstock, MD
  • 36 minutesMini O Show: Picking some brainsKenji Inaba, MD, Michael B. Weinstock, MD, and Rob Orman, MD
  • 15 minutesTrauma M&M...oh yes.Kenji Inaba, MD
  • 11 minutesLegally defensible chartingMichael B. Weinstock, MD
  • 6 minutesThe Problem with HollywoodSean Patrick Nordt, MD, PharmD
  • 15 minutesHow to talk about code statusAshley Shreves, MD
  • 6 minutesChild whisperer meets MMA: the art of holding down a kidSolomon Behar, MD
  • 13 minutesAcute management of the bleeding trachKenji Inaba, MD
  • 6 minutesThe dangers of sexual enhancing drugsSean Patrick Nordt, MD, PharmD
  • 11 minutesHemothorax pearls and pitfallsKenji Inaba, MD
  • 7 minutesHe's not gonna take it...alternate routes of meds in kidsSolomon Behar, MD
  • 10 minutesBouncing back from a lawsuitMichael B. Weinstock, MD
  • 13 minutesLive From EEM - Day 3 AfternoonSolomon Behar, MD, Anand Swaminathan, MD, MPH, and Ashley Shreves, MD
  • 13 minutesThe mechanics of a bullet: a surgeon's perspectiveKenji Inaba, MD
  • 12 minutesDealing with adversity/burnoutJan Shoenberger, MD
  • 18 minutesTwitter topic: A Mallon perspectiveWilliam “Billy” Mallon, MD
  • 36 minutesThis Emergency Life!David Williams, MD and Rob Orman, MD
  • 2016 Essentials Bonus - EEM LA I

  • 15 minutesThe Minds EyeChristopher Hicks, MD
  • 14 minutesSoft tissue pearls and pitfalls - Part 1Brian Lin, MD
  • 10 minutesWhat happens in July...stays in JulyZlatan Coralic, PharmD, BCPS
  • 14 minutesSoft tissue pearls and pitfalls - Part 2Brian Lin, MD
  • 14 minutesCommon medication errors in the EDZlatan Coralic, PharmD, BCPS
  • 14 minutesUnder pressureChristopher Hicks, MD
  • 11 minutesA study sponsored by a drug company…what does that mean?Zlatan Coralic, PharmD, BCPS
  • 18 minutesDamage controlChristopher Hicks, MD
  • 9 minutesSoft tissue pearls and pitfalls - Part 3Brian Lin, MD
  • 19 minutesIt's not lupus, except when it is!Christopher Hicks, MD
  • 16 minutesComplex lacerations (live demo)Brian Lin, MD
  • 10 minutesNew antibiotics in the ED, should we use these?Zlatan Coralic, PharmD, BCPS
  • 9 minutesEEM LA 2016 I - Q&APaul Jhun, MD
  • 2016 Essentials Bonus - EEM LA II

  • 11 minutesPain in trauma: an opioid-sparing approachDavid Duong, MD
  • 9 minutesVisual dirty bits in kidsGil Shlamovitz, MD
  • 15 minutesWhat does evidence-based medicine really mean?Ken Milne, MD
  • 15 minutesKnowledge translation: Let's cut it down from 17 years!Ken Milne, MD
  • 13 minutesPain in trauma: opioid alternativesDavid Duong, MD
  • 7 minutesFrom the visual diagnosis casefilesGil Shlamovitz, MD
  • 11 minutesVisual dirty bits of the skinGil Shlamovitz, MD
  • 9 minutesTMP-SMX can get messyDavid Duong, MD
  • 10 minutesMore from the visual diagnosis casefilesGil Shlamovitz, MD
  • 10 minutesHow to critically appraise a paper and apply it to my patientKen Milne, MD
  • 9 minutesLearn SBIRT, save a lifeDavid Duong, MD
  • 28 minutesThe SGEM Podcast LIVE!Ken Milne, MD
  • 2016 Essentials Bonus - EEM LA III

  • 8 minutesIt's raining landmark trials! HEAT and SPLITSalim Rezaie, MD
  • 11 minutesWhat confuses us about sepsis and how that hurts patientsCameron Berg, MD, FACEP, FAAEM
  • 12 minutesDigging a little deeperRob Orman, MD, Salim Rezaie, MD, and Cameron Berg, MD, FACEP, FAAEM
  • 12 minutesLow risk chest pain: a perspectiveSalim Rezaie, MD
  • 13 minutesLow risk chest pain: another perspectiveCameron Berg, MD, FACEP, FAAEM
  • 12 minutesLow risk chest pain: Let's flesh that out!Rob Orman, MD, Salim Rezaie, MD, and Cameron Berg, MD, FACEP, FAAEM
  • 13 minutesHeadache and the CT/LP 6 hour cutoffCameron Berg, MD, FACEP, FAAEM
  • 13 minutesDKA gotta know these!Salim Rezaie, MD
  • 12 minutesTIA: Who stays and who goes home?Cameron Berg, MD, FACEP, FAAEM
  • 8 minutesWhat just happenedRob Orman, MD, Salim Rezaie, MD, and Cameron Berg, MD, FACEP, FAAEM
  • 9 minutesIt's raining landmark trials! FELLOW and REVERTSalim Rezaie, MD
  • 9 minutesA cool caseJoe Bellezzo, MD
  • 21 minutesMini "O" ShowRob Orman, MD and Joe Bellezzo, MD
  • 2016 Essentials Bonus

  • 8 minutesEM ThoughtsMel Herbert, MD
  • 16 minutesNon Invasive VentilationHaney Mallemat, MD
  • 19 minutesTrauma to the flank: What should we do?Kenji Inaba, MD
  • 19 minutesExtremity trauma
  • 15 minutesThe unstable pelvisKenji Inaba, MD
  • 14 minutesLow side, high side: Which bone? Motorcycle accidents mechanismsWilliam “Billy” Mallon, MD
  • 14 minutesInjuries to subclavian vesselsKenji Inaba, MD
  • 14 minutesTrauma in the elderlyJan Shoenberger, MD
  • 19 minutesDental traumaJoseph R. Lex, MD, FACEP, MAAEM
  • 31 minutesWhat I've learned working in the EDJoseph R. Lex, MD, FACEP, MAAEM
  • 14 minutesStrategies to diminish CT use in all trauma patientsWilliam “Billy” Mallon, MD
  • 26 minutesThings about the neuro exam you really should have known but don'tPeter Viccellio, MD
  • 16 minutesPregnancy's deadly illnessesJan Shoenberger, MD
  • 15 minutesMechanical ventilation in the asthmatic patientHaney Mallemat, MD
  • 13 minutesThe crashing patient on a ventilatorHaney Mallemat, MD
  • 18 minutesThe critically ill tox patientPeter Viccellio, MD
  • 28 minutesNon-operative management of abdominal GSWs: Is trauma surgery now critical care?Kenji Inaba, MD
  • 29 minutesEducation in medicineJoseph R. Lex, MD, FACEP, MAAEM
  • 19 minutesApproach to flipping the classroomMatt Waxman, MD
  • 15 minutesRecording a podcastMel Herbert, MD
  • 25 minutesTeaching soft skillsStuart Swadron, MD
  • 17 minutesENLSStuart Swadron, MD

Meet Your EEM Faculty

  • Solomon Behar, MD

    Solomon Behar, MD

    Voluntary faculty at UC Irvine Department of Pediatrics and Attending Physician at Long Beach Memorial/Miller Childrens Hospital and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

  • Richard Cantor, MD

    Richard Cantor, MD

    Professor of Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics at Upstate Medical University, Director of Pediatric Emergency Services at Golisano Children’s Hospital, and Medical Director for the Central New York Poison Control Center

  • Ilene Claudius, MD

    Ilene Claudius, MD

    Associate Professor, Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

  • Tarlan Hedayati, MD

    Tarlan Hedayati, MD

    Interim Program Director, Emergency Medicine Residency Program, Cook County Hospital in Chicago, IL

  • Michelle Lin, MD

    Michelle Lin, MD

    Professor of Emergency Medicine, University of California, San Francisco; Zuckerberg San Francisco General; Founder/CEO of ALiEM

What people are saying about EEM

  • Duane Harrison
  • Carolyn Rosenczweig
  • Jan Jaap Bijlsma
  • Carroll Olson
  • Jeffrey Litow
  • Tandi Wilkinson
Working my first shift since the EEM conference, and I just reviewed Mel’s Corporate, Personal, and Bedside reasons for “Why we do EM”! The physician that I relieved asked me what I will do differently after attending the conference. My answer was that in addition to several pearls of practice that I will use, I will fall in love with my specialty all over again! Thanks Mel, and thanks to the entire EEM Staff. You guys are true Rock Stars!

- Duane Harrison

My brain feels like it had a deep tissue massage on it.

- Carolyn Rosenczweig

Should have been here years ago!!
Good stuff and good fun!!
Till next year.

- Jan Jaap Bijlsma

Thank you Essentials for all that you do. It is hard to explain to your friends what an amazing, entertaining AND educational conference that you put on. I leave in awe once again and look forward to my next shift with a renewed vigor!

- Carroll Olson

I have been to every Essentials, and each and every year you continue to exceed expectations. Thank you for your hard work, insight, and commitment to this amazing speciality, EMERGENCY MEDICINE. You make a difference.

- Jeffrey Litow

Hi and bye EEM. Thanks for the great learning and inspiration. Looking forward to another great conference next year - so GLAD that Essentials is not dead. Heading back to the deep freeze in Arctic Canada tomorrow.

- Tandi Wilkinson

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