Essentials of Emergency Medicine 2019

Join us for the most inspiring, energizing, and educational event in emergency medicine. We continue our 5-15 minute lecture style and incredibly high-yield, clinical education you’ll use at the bedside on your next shift.


Essentials of EM On-Demand features over one hundred 5-15 minute lectures from our world-class faculty. And because they’re available on demand, you can be sure you’ll learn something that will change your practice, even if you only have a moment. Plus get our “Live from Essentials!” halftime style shows, lots of bonus content and 17+ hours of CME.

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What’s Included

When you register for 2019, you’ll gain access to:

Lifetime access to the lectures in your online account of course!

17+ hours of practice-changing CME that you’ll love

A written guide to all of the lectures in an easy-to-use, digital format

See for yourself why Essentials of EM is an experience you can’t miss with free access to some of our best talks:

Top Lectures of 2018

Learn from the best educators in the world

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Meet your 2019 faculty
Amal Mattu
Brittney DeClerck
Corey Slovis
Haney Mallemat
Ilene Claudius
Michelle Lin
Mike Weinstock
Mizuho Morrison
Rich Cantor
Rob Orman
Salim Rezaie
Scott Weingart
Sol Behar
Tarlan Hedayati