Essentials of EM 2020


May 21–23, 2020

Pre-Conference Workshops May 20th


Live from the Hilton Union Square, San Francisco

Also broadcast live online, and afterwards on-demand

Join us for the most inspiring, energizing, and educational event in emergency medicine. We start with our meticulously-designed and pearl-laden 5 - 15 minute talks, delivered to you by the best educators in EM. Then we pack it all into an experience full of fun activities and social events that’ll rekindle your passion for emergency medicine and have you looking forward to applying the latest practice-changing medicine during your next shift.

Live On-Site in San Francisco

Enjoy every moment with over 1,000 of your EM colleagues and get the chance to meet your educators in person! Plus, you can register for one of the in-depth, practical workshops during our pre-conference day. And, of course, you’ll be able to enjoy all that San Francisco has to offer.

Live Online / On-Demand

Can’t make the trip? Then livestream from the comfort of your couch, or download our lectures and experience them anytime, anywhere. You won’t miss a moment with each day’s events made available on-demand at the end of the day. Plus, watch our “Live from Essentials!” halftime style shows during the on-site breaks, with live commentary by the Essentials faculty.

What’s Included

When you register for 2020, you’ll gain access to:

Lifetime access to the lectures in your online account of course

15+ hours of practice-changing CME that you’ll love

A written guide to all of the lectures in an easy-to-use, digital format

Smartphone apps for both iOS and Android

See for yourself why Essentials of EM is an experience you can’t miss with free access to some of our best talks:

Top Lectures of 2019

Learn from the best educators in the world

See the all-star faculty list for 2020

Meet your 2020 faculty
Amal Mattu
Arun Sayal
Brittney DeClerck
Bryan Hayes
Cameron Berg
Emily Rose
George Willis
Dr. Glaucomflecken
Haney Mallemat
Ilene Claudius
Jaime Hope
Jenny Beck-Esmay
Matthew Delaney
Mike Weinstock
Mizuho Morrison
Nathan Kuppermann
Neda Frayha
Richard Cantor
Rob Orman
Reuben Strayer
Salim Rezaie
Sara Gray
Scott Weingart
Solomon Behar
Tarlan Hedayati

Hilton San Francisco Union Square

The beautiful Hilton San Francisco Union Square is located in San Francisco’s Theater District steps away from Union Square and countless restaurants, attractions and theaters.